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Another Day is a narrative driven game that portrays the daily struggle experienced by those living in isolation in a claustrophobic environment during lockdown while suffering from depression and anxiety. Try your hardest to stay on top of an ever increasing list of daily tasks as you battle your internal conflicts.  

The game was part of the Cornwall House exhibition during the G7 Summit in 2021, and is part of mental health charity Safe In Our World's list of mental health related games and apps.

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WARNING: This game contains depictions of isolation and mental illness, namely depression and anxiety. It is not intended to be a fun experience, and some may find these depictions distressing. 

The game intends to portray what it is like to live with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, with the aim to educate those who have not experienced mental illness so that they may gain a better understanding of it, and to dispel some of the stigma surrounding it. Due to the nature of mental illness, everyone's experiences will be different, however the game aims to provide a relatable experience for those living with depression and anxiety, with the hope that they may derive comfort from knowing that they are not alone in their experiences. 

External Assets 

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Install instructions

Download the file   

 Extract the file 

 Open the file called Another Day Game with the calendar icon 

Optimal resolution: 1280x720 

Aspect ratio: 16:9 


Another Day Game.zip 301 MB

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Very accurate representation of lock-down. The music is appropriately oppressive and  the everyday tasks are appropriately monotonous.

Encountered a few minor game-play bugs but nothing game-breaking.

Overall, a well made game with a good atmosphere. 

Thank you so much for the feedback!

If possible, could you please let us know a bit about the bugs that you encountered while playing, so that we can try to fix them?